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This page is just a collection of photos of the pile of hardware in my "museum",   I will add remarks over time for the more interesting elements as I've started to do below.  As always, click on any image for a new page, and the on that page click the upper left corner control to get a full screen image.

Probably the most unique motor I have - NOS JOHNSON SEA HORSE 10hp outboard.  Yes NEW as in: never run except presumably for testing at the factory. Model #QD19.


This was in the seller's collection for many years.


100% original purchased by the seller  brand new in the box... original box was discarded ...motor was first removed from its original box/container maybe around 2010 to display ...52 years in the original box......


The rubber parts appear and act as new.

Sooo it wound up in my home office, as it should.  Waaaay better'n a file cabinet as is apparent in the first photo.

Further excursions into the 6 cylinder world

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Found the first year 1962 (I think) merc 1000 locally in surprisingly good shape. Unheard of to find such things out here in the NorCal vintage outboard desert.  Found the 1:1 speedmaster lower unit on ebay, and came up with a motor I've been chasing for 60 years! It's a runner! Also came across a 1960 first year (I think) Merc 800 with a frozen lower unit, found a replacement unit off of a 135 locally, so that's going together next.

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Scott 40, from, oh, maybe 1959 or 60 - the facebook wizards haven't been entirely clear, but someone knows.  Hidden in a barn forever in NorCal (paint is still shiny on top). Odd obscure thing.  Making it run is years off.

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Mark40H assembled from parts layin' around here in inventory, a powerhead from Eric Gunderson, and a genuine 40H gearcase I've had in inventory forever at least.

eBay tiller arm Mark 30 I got a while back because it was such a nice original. Replaced the freeze-cracked gearcase with one from inventory, added electric start which was a pain since I could not find the matching starter gear / flywheel gear and flywheel, so the machine shop saved the day once again. Mk30 really doesn't need electric start because they are so easy to rope, but why not? Wayne has one so I needed one too. Not sure whether to address the poor paint match or not.

350cc KONIG because the 700 was feeling lonely? Clamp system machined by Dohktohr Kahl.