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This is Randy Corson's 22 Talon build that now lives in my space.  The button below leads to a lengthy thread on Randy's work after bare hull production.  It lives a little over 2000' elevation that as we all know robs power relative to sea level.  Goes low 80s with one person...which is fast'nuff...Um, OK, it's no where near fast enough but I REEALLLY don't want to be spit out at even anywhere near that speed, so it'll be fine.  Big bumpy lake so I wanted something that was overbuilt and heavy.....the limousine ride.  :-)   Randy saw 92 or so at sea level.

This is definitely a limo. With just me in it running on really awful water, it gets loose and moves around wonderfully, particularly into the wind, but it still feels solid.


Part of me says I shoulda grabbed a 130mph 22 Liberator with a 450R, but then I have 'nuff junk that goes too fast already, and I REEEALLLLY  don't want to get spit out at that speed.

Steve's private launch ramp

This is the Activator 22 that preceded the Talon.  Low 70s with a 250. Same N Idaho hideout, same elevation, same power loss.  Rigged by the previous owner who was an artist at this, and interestingly enough, went back to him in 2018 or so once it left my fleet.  Clean, stout boat, again, good ride for a big bumpy lake.

As with other v-bottom boats that ride higher out of the water than most, one has to be actively involved in steering to manage the tendency to chine walk.  I was on top of it in this clip until the last few seconds, at which point I ran outta talent and let off.

Crowded lake, huh.  Yup don't bring your boat here.  Empty. No one to show off to.  You'd have no audience.  Leave it to me.  :-)


1962 Birchcraft, made in Seattle, cosmetically rebuilt by a shop there in the late 90s. JANET'S BOAT.  Great for cruising Pinecrest Lake with our favorite beverage.  We still have it.


We bought it w/o motor for $3500 and brought it home for six months of my efforts on structural rebuilding, and the addition of a 1962 Merc 500 I acquired in ugly shape from UncleWayne, rebuilt and had professionally repainted by EuroCal of Santa Rosa. I would sand and sand and sand on the dozens of individual parts for painting, and wizard Steve Doleshall would come along, close his eyes, feel the surface, and say "nope, see here? not smooth enough yet." Good thing for wizards or it wouldn't look as good. :o)

The Decal Story: At a Tomahawk AOMCI meet in early 2000s I found a 62Merc500 with these decals. Was unsuccessful at learning where the decals were made. In 2007, I found that motor for sale on ebay, and through that contact found the sign shop in Oshkosh (I think). Got new decals, and the result is just what we needed.   The decals complete the restoration!

Old Guy Weird Stuff

I was in love with 1962 Merc 500s as an 11 yr old....(OK, and pretty much any other motor made from the late 50s through early 60s, but the 500 was the best...who knows why..).

I'm really pleased with how this turned out.

And it's also interesting to note that my best racing stuff was based on these same 44 cu in Merc500 blocks.

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