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I inherited as NOS

- 75H tower,

- two complete NOS 75H lower units

- two NOS 75H lower unit housings

From Lloyd Christopher's estate in exchange for hundreds of hours of salvaging, cleaning and selling the stuff to you all with $ to Lloyd's widow, so that it would not go into the aluminum recycling bin or worse.


Sooooo I started on the build of two 75H motors.

I spent time exploring how to get a 2nd 75H tower cast up but encountered too many obstacles and risks, so fabricated a 2nd tower instead.  Came out OK, if a little frankenstein-ish.

Powerheads are Mark78 66 cu in motors with the larger carbs like the real 75H motors.  One will have 3:2 megaphones provided by Alan Akerstrom and no cowls, and one will have closed exhaust and Mark75 cowls.  Someday.  I'm stuck on the rebuild of the first magneto...just need the time and as you can see by this site, am woefully overprogrammed.

Fabricated tower includes some serious high strength steel rod reinforcement so does not rely solely on the strength of my TIG welds.

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